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We provide VIP Private Transfers and Tours To and from airports, ports, marinas, events (weddings, bachelor parties, parties, birthdays, etc.) as well as day trips to Attica, Paros and wherever else we are requested. We also undertake weekly excursions in selected areas of Greece.

Our services are courteous, discreet, confidential and above all honest, thus making our customers feel safe and confident. It is a great honor and pleasure for us that our customers feel welcome and that they feel us as their own person who is ready to respond to whatever is asked of us. And the greatest joy and reward for us is when our customers prefer us again or recommend us to their friends.

Our Fleet

Mercedes E 200d Avantgarde
Mercedes E 200d Avantgarde

Automatic, diesel 2000cc. Five-seater leather interior

Mercedes c 350e plug-in hybrid station vagon
Mercedes c 350e plug-in hybrid station vagon

Automatic, hybrid with 2000cc petrol engine

Mercedes-Benz Vito
Mercedes-Benz Vito

116CDI Extra-long, 2x automatik door, 9 seater , Automatik, Diesel, 1.950cc , Euro 6.

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Variety of Locations

We have a variety of start points located throughout Athens and Paros Island.

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Olympics Roads provides high-quality service to everyone who is looking for reliable vip private transfer.

Qualified Team

You can fully rely on our team of professionals who are always ready to help you.

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